Up close and Personal with Dr. Steve Lloyd

In the episode:

In this week's podcast episode, we talk with Dr. Stephen Lloyd, Chief Medical Officer at Cedar Recovery and advising doctor for the Hulu miniseries, Dopesick. As an internal medicine physician and addict in recovery since 2004, Dr. Lloyd has a deep understanding of addiction giving him a unique approach to patient care that includes quality treatment and compassionate care. 

Episode Highlights:

Behind the scenes of the series Dopesick.

His work with Cedar Recovery and as a panel member for the Tennessee Drug Court.

Remembering the first time he didn’t use and realizing that help is available.

The problem of underserved pregnant women with addiction.

The connection between childhood trauma, addiction, and decreased dopamine.

The “Is alcoholism an allergy, a disease, or disorder?” debate. We ask Dr. Lloyd.

You can find Dr. Stephen Lloyd at the After Dopesick event in Mobile AL. on August 31, 2022.

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