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I help families grow together.

When families come together,

 amazing things begin to happen


Do you need help repairing the damage caused by chronic substance abuse? Are you looking for a way to help your loved one?

An amazing thing happens when the family finally begins to heal. They learn that they can reset their lives.

Let a sober coach help your family on this journey.

Why Choose Now Sober?

In the past, traditional recovery programs focused on healing just the individual who struggled with substance abuse while the families were told to detach, turn their backs, and practice tough love. While that can help, much better results are seen when the whole family is involved. What does work is communication, understanding, and support.

Positive, loving support.

Now Sober’s approach transforms family relationships while helping the individual struggling with substances get out of the dependency trap. A Now Sober Coach or Membership in Now Sober Tribe does that by providing courses and community to both families and people struggling with addiction. Our program is designed so that we all work together to understand addiction and reduce the shame and stigma.

You can get help,

  • as a person struggling with addiction,
  • as a family who wants to reconnect with their loved one,
  • or as a family and loved one working together through this difficult time.

The different programs focus on the needs of the individuals who enroll in them. Our membership has both shared and dedicated resources and discussion boards that focus on concerns at all levels of recovery.

Now Sober For Individuals

People in recovery face hurdles that are unique to them including trauma, shame, stigma, relationships, and cravings. Now Sober addresses these differences in courses and discussion boards that are dedicated specifically to people who need help recovering from various types of addictions.

Now Sober Family

Now Sober Family is designed to help you understand your loved-ones behaviors, learn to set boundaries without abandonment, clear the path to communication, and practice new skills in a safe and compassionate environment with the support of peers.

In our membership, Now Sober Academy, we help both in a way that brings the individual and the family back together again.

We’re Here to Help You

You Get to Decide How

Now Sober Families offers a variety of options to support you and your family through recovery. We know that recovery isn’t the same for everyone and that you may have concerns with privacy, finances, trust, and time. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help regardless of your circumstance.


Our courses let you get help with specific areas of recovery on your time and as you need them. Log in, download the workbooks, watch the videos, and do the work. Then repeat the course or modules as many times as you need.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching packages grant you 4 weeks of semi-private coaching (10-15 persons per group). You will also get emails to motivate you, help with accountability, and progress checks to keep you on track.

Private Coaching

Our six-session coaching package grants you six weeks with a private, one-on-one sober coach. You will also get coaching emails and texts to motivate you, help with accountability, and check your progress to keep you on track.


Are you looking for an affordable way to learn about recovery and while getting community support for you or your family? Then Now Sober Tribe may be exactly what you need.

Check out the membership page for membership level options and Founding member special. 

What People Are Saying

“Jeanna was an invaluable source of positivity and motivation through my college career. She helped me identify my strengths, and her constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the task at hand. She truly believes that everyone has unlimited potential and works her hardest to help them find it. I recommend her to anyone.”

Brenda Souza

“Jeanna is one of those rare individuals who can blend direct, concise advice with compassion and understanding. Her wealth of personal and professional experiences help her connect to women in many walks of life. Additionally, her drive and determination are unflagging, helping her to encourage and motivate others when they might not feel that confidence themselves. Jeanna Toler Fox is an empathetic, forthright woman who can help guide you with no judgment and much purpose.”

Heather Parker Devrick

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my whole family join?

Yes, but you may need to join at different levels depending on your role in the recovery process.

We offer gender-specific memberships for the person recovering from addiction so that they can get the help they need without the worry of judgement from family members and the opposite sex. Our memberships also allow us to provide courses that help with focused needs such as fatherhood and motherhood in recovery.

At the same time, we understand that the family members of someone with addiction have their own special needs. They may need to learn how to

  • communicate with their loved one in addiction,
  • understand their behaviors,
  • and discuss the things that worry or anger them about their loved one.

Now Sober Families focuses on the family of the person in addiction while giving them a private space to have those important conversations and get support from other families who are dealing with the same problems.

At the moment, the Now Sober Family membership only offers a joint account, but we are working on a way to offer individual logins.

Does the whole family have to join?

Absolutely not. In fact, it may be that the rest of the family isn’t ready to join. We believe that the best way to get others on board with a recovery program is to model your own recovery whether that’s directly or indirectly from substance abuse. And to be honest, they may never want to join, but by healing yourself, you will be the best equipped to help your loved ones in their own journey.

How do I decide between the courses, group coaching, private coaching, or the membership?

This depends on the level of care you want, commitment, privacy needs, time availability, and financial ability.

Courses: Our courses are meant to be an introduction to recovery and the Now Sober way. If you aren’t sure what you need at the moment, you can select a course that helps you with a specific and current problem you are dealing with. Courses are private, low commitment, taken on your time, and affordable.

Group Coaching: Our group coaching will take you through a family or individual recovery program that is semi-private. The bonus to group coaching is that you get support from other people who are going through the same struggles as you. It is an 8-week commitment to meet at a specified time. You will get shared time with a coach at an affordable price. Group coaching is provided online through Zoom. But we also offer in-person programs in certain locations. We are also open to providing weekend family intensives for treatment facilities. Please contact us for information.

Private Coaching: Private coaching offers the highest level of personal care and privacy. While our private coaching package does have a scheduled program, our ability to provide personal care allows us to deviate from the schedule to address specific concerns as they occur.

Membership: We believe our membership is great for all and can be an enhancement to both private and group coaching. The membership allows access to all our courses with new ones introduced each month, a supportive community, and group time with a live coach. You can come and go as you need, stay a member as long as you want, and it is offered at an affordable price.


Can I talk with a coach before making a decision?

Of course. If you have questions about any of our programs, please feel free to send us an email and we will gladly answer them. We also offer a FREE 30-minute consult, so we can get to know each other before making a commitment. Click here to book your appointment today

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Between the two of us, we’ve seen addiction from many angles including as children of dysfunctional families, caring family members sitting on the sideline praying for our loved ones, mentors, and recovering alcoholics.

We’ve worked both with families and substance users. What we’ve learned is that not everyone recovers the same, but those who recovery strongest, do so with the help of people who support and care for them.

Together, we bring a combination of traditional and scientific approaches to whole family recovery. Our experience as teachers makes us dedicated to turn knowledges in to practiced skills.


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Need Help with Your Loved One?

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recovery programs

Need Help with Your Loved One?

We got you! Sign up for our FREE 5-day email course to learn a new approach to helping your loved one to recover from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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