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  • Up close and Personal with Dr. Steve Lloyd

    Up close and Personal with Dr. Steve Lloyd

    In the episode: In this week's podcast episode, we talk with Dr. Stephen Lloyd, Chief Medical Officer at Cedar Recovery and advising doctor for the Hulu miniseries, Dopesick. As an internal medicine physician and addict in recovery since 2004, Dr. Lloyd has a deep understanding of addiction giving him a unique approach to patient care…

  • Ray Vance: Road Through Hell

    Ray Vance: Road Through Hell

    In the episode: In this week's episode, we talk to author Ray Vance, author of A Road Through Hell. Many of us in recovery know about the hell we put ourselves through while in active addiction. We've experienced our lives in chaos, legal problems, broken relationships, relapse after relapse, and defeat. But what do we…

  • Pain Management, It’s Roll in Addiction with Josh & Hollie

    In the episode: We talk to Josh and Hollie, authors of Bang Head Here about the self-destructive behaviors that result from emotional pain. Much of how people are conditioned to deal with pain mirrors the way their caretakers dealt with pain. When a loved one acts out destructively it is easy for the caretaker to…

Not Sure You Have a Problem with Alcohol

If you are considering whether or not you have a problem with alcohol, it might be worth looking into. This free workbook may give you the answers you are looking for.

Your workbook is on the way to your email.

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