Pain Management, It’s Roll in Addiction with Josh & Hollie

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We talk to Josh and Hollie, authors of Bang Head Here about the self-destructive behaviors that result from emotional pain. Much of how people are conditioned to deal with pain mirrors the way their caretakers dealt with pain. When a loved one acts out destructively it is easy for the caretaker to place blame on their loved one, instead of reflecting on how their own pain management skills have been passed onto those they love. In order to help those struggling at home survive, it’s important to understand the way pain, fantasy, and avoidance is keeping people in a cycle of destruction.

Josh and Hollie grew up in neighboring towns in Southern California. After graduating high school they left home for university where they subsequently started a non-profit Kaiizen, developed training programs for teens/young adults on relationship violence prevention, and began crisis intervention coaching for families with at-risk loved ones. Their work inspired a collaboration resulting in the book series Bang Head Here.

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