In this Episode:

Are you running from pain or towards pleasure? When new in recovery, most people are running from the pain they have endured because of their addiction to alcohol. After a while, however, that pain diminishes as they start to enjoy the benefits of recovery. It no longer feeds their motivation to stay sober and they relapse. That’s when running towards pleasure becomes important to maintaining recovery.

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna talk about the importance of both running from pain and towards pleasure. If you have struggled with relapse in the past, listen to this episode to get tips that might help you in the future.

Episode Highlights:

  • How one person identified her recovery/relapse cycle and the part pain and pleasure played in it.
  • How shifting from running from pain to running towards pleasure helps maintain recovery.
  • Examples of pain in addiction and pleasure in recovery.
  • Tips to help you work towards pleasure.
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