Out of (Suicide) Darkness with Lydia Barber

In this Episode:

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna talk to Lydia Barber, organizer of the Out of Darkness Walk in Daphne, Alabama, about what you can do to help with suicide awareness and fight the emotional chaos you may be going through after the loss of a loved one. In 2011, Lydia lost her son to suicide. Listen to this episode to hear Lydia’s story.

Episode Highlights:

Lydia’s Story and the loss of her son, Alan.

The pain of depression.

Self-blame and guilt for the people left behind.

Helping other people who struggle and giving meaning to the loss.

Starting a support group in her community and how you can join.

What the Out of Darkness Walk is.

Click the link below to donate to the Out of the Darkness Walk.

To contact Lydia Barber or learn more about the “Out of the Darkness Walk”, go to:

Email: lydiabarber1@gmail.com

The South Alabama Out of the Darkness Walk website: afsp.org/Daphne,






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