In this Episode:

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a friend, Jenny Hewett Smith. She tells about her childhood in South Africa and the trauma she endured during Apartheid. In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna listen as she tells about how witnessing traumatic events led to her belief that the world isn’t a safe place and how that belief led to self-medicating with alcohol.

Other Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • The violence she witnessed as a child.
  • Her introduction to alcohol as a teen.
  • How alcohol affected her marriage.
  • Her move to America was a geographic relocation cure for alcoholism.
  • Reacting to a kidnap attempt of her child.
  • Journeying into sobriety and dealing with co-dependent behavior.
  • Highlights from her books A Land Far Away and The Baboon and the Spider.

 About Jenny Hewett Smith

Jenny is a mother, author, and recovering alcoholic. Raised in South Africa as a minister’s daughter, Jenny and her family now live in Alabama with their two dogs, Mitzi and Sweet Pea.

 Jenny Hewett Smith Online:

Jenny Hewett Smith on Facebook


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