A Kid from the Bronx talks about Trauma and Addiction: John Giordano

In this Episode:

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna meet John Giordano, author of several books including, “How to Beat Your Addictions and Live a Quality Life” and most recently, “The Kid From the South Bronx Who Never Gave Up.” His experience as a childhood molestation survivor and child of a heroin dealer eventually led him to addiction, recovery, and founder of the highly awarded G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment in Florida.

Episode Highlights:

  • His experience with childhood molestation, guilt, and shame.
  • How he started his treatment facility with $300.
  • His search for the missing element in recovery.
  • Hormone and nutrition’s role in addiction and recovery.
  • Plant medicine for recovery.

To contact John Giordano, go to:










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