Sobriety Coaching

Sobriety Coaching

Helping Women Find Their Reset Button

Sobriety Coaching for Women

Sobriety coaching helps women avoid the mistake of simply thinking that stopping drinking alcohol will solve all their problems. In fact, many people have spent years sober only to stay miserable. This happens because there are problems in their life, often from their pasts, that never get addressed. We drink for a reason, and it isn’t just because it makes us feel good. That does happen, but have you ever considered that maybe you need help feeling good because you are avoiding the things that make you feel bad?

It doesn’t work.

Sobriety Coaching Addresses That

In order to properly heal from addiction, sobriety coaching with me works on these four pillars. Together, we work to help you,

  1. Understand your addiction and trauma connection.
  2. Recover from your shame.
  3. Rebuild your life.
  4. Prepare for your future.

Four Pillars of Recovery

Pillar I

Understand the Addiction & Trauma Connection

Addiction is a tool many of us use to mask the problem and numb the pain, but it doesn’t solve the problem. What’s more, addictions add shame to the mountain of problems you are already dealing with. Before the healing can really begin, the survivor needs to be willing to get clean, so he or she can face their trauma with clarity.

In this first phase, sobriety coaching helps you understand the trauma and addiction connection.  We get to the root of the problem by identifying your addiction, how it helped when you need it, and why it’s hurting you now. You will learn techniques to help you change old addictive behaviors and replace them with new healthy behaviors.

You are not alone. All around the world, men and women deal with trauma by turning to drugs and alcohol. But that’s not all. Many of them have other negative behaviors such as cutting, overeating, sexual impulses, gambling, and shopping. They may have different backgrounds, but many people suffering from addiction begin to wonder, “Is this all there is?” I want to help you to see that there is more to life than addiction and pain.

This is where the learning really begins.

Pillar II

Work on the Shame

You will be amazed at how much impact changing your mindset will have on your life, and that begins with removing the shame. What you endured as a child was not your fault. You don’t have to feel responsible. In phase two, we begin to delve into how you think about yourself and your shame. We work on clarity about what led you on the path to your destructive behavior, finding purpose in the past, and what happiness truly can be for you.

My sobriety coaching program will help you bust through your limiting beliefs and find power in a whole new way of thinking. You will learn self-compassion and mindfulness. You will discover how to find gratitude in even the smallest gifts life gives you and how practicing that leads to happiness.

This is where the transformation really begins.

Pillar lll

Rebuild Your Life

Once you have discovered your value, it’s time to take action.

In this third phase, we take a look at your life from the 1,000-foot view. We will discover your strengths and your weaknesses in every area of your life from love and relationships to finances and career. Our goal is to isolate and work on those areas that can be improved to make the biggest impact. Then we will dive down to the 10-foot view and work on creating a plan to help you repair the damage of your past and begin to set new goals that lead you to the life you were meant to have.

Success isn’t impossible, but achieving it can be challenging. I will be there to guide you through the challenges and to help you find answers to the problems you face. Together, we will turn hurdles into lines in the road that need only be stepped over by breaking them down into their individual parts, so you can make progress without overwhelm.

This is where the action really begins.

Pillar IV

Prepare for the Future

This, in my belief, is the most exciting part of the program. Here’s where sobriety coaching helps you realize that the life you were meant to live is within your reach.

In this fourth phase, you get to dream big. Do you want to reach for the stars and land on the moon, or reach for the moon and land on a star? Both are exciting and possible with faith and a plan.

Together, we will identify your purpose, create a plan to achieve it, and map out the tasks you need to do to live it.

This is where the future really begins.

Sobriety Coaching

About Now Sober

Sobriety Coaching

Now Sober was founded by recovering alcoholic, Jeanna Fox.

Desperate for help, Jeanna began sobriety in a 12-step recovery program. While she loves the program, she quickly discovered that there were many aspects of recovery that sponsors and meetings couldn’t help her with.

Using her experience as a teacher, she immediately began a self-study that included coaching techniques (NLP, REBT, EFT), spirituality, and the brain. Then she combined her understanding of these areas to create a sobriety coaching program that supplements, rehab aftercare, individual recovery, therapy, and group recovery programs.

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