In this episode:

With vulnerability and insightfulness, Vince shares his story about addiction, abuse, and recovery in a talk he gave for an event called “The Family After.”

Other highlights in this episode include:

·        His first memory of abuse.

·        How he disassociated to deal with the event.

·        His later experience with alcohol and drugs and how it affected his life.

·        The road to recovery and relapse.

·        The 12-step program as an integral part of his recovery.

·        Dealing with trauma without the alcohol and drugs.

·        His feelings about being vulnerable in telling his story.

·        What he means by being a “fake alcoholic.”

·        The connection between trauma and chronic relapse.

About Vince:
As a music educator, Vince has spent years honing his skill of taking a very complicated subject and breaking it down into a way that people can understand. He is a passionate teacher and leader who uses his talent as a dynamic communicator to help people recover from the trauma of their past and addiction. Through his 27 years in recovery, he has managed to “overcome the slime oozing from the eggshell of his birth” to become a self-actualized spiritual, but imperfectly perfect, being with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. In him, you will see a balance between eternal optimism and snarky nihilism.

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