In this Episode:

She’s back. Vince and Jeanna have another conversation with Dr. Camila Williams. In this episode, they talk to Dr. Williams about the benefits of working in a recovery program that involves therapy and a 12-step community and when to get a professional involved in recovery.

Listen in as Camila identifies green light (all is good), yellow light (proceed with caution), and red light behaviors (call a therapist) that a sponsor can look for when working with a sponsee.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

·       The importance of belonging to a community in recovery.

·       The Seeking Safety Program to help people reduce trauma and substance abuse symptoms without total abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

·       What to look for in determining whether a sponsor should suggest to his or her sponsee that they seek professional help.

·       The role of the therapist in the sponsor, sponsee, and therapist relationship.

·       Identifying depression and grief in recovery.

About Dr. Camila Williams:

As a “Perfectionist in Recovery” and a mother of three, Dr. Camila understands only too well the delicate balance between the strive for excellence and crippling self-doubt. Perfectionists learn how to get out of their own way and break the shackles of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and procrastination to truly live into their gifts and drive without always second-guessing themselves.

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Instagram: @drcamilawilliams
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