In this Episode:

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna talk to KL Wells. For more than twenty years, KL collaborated with hundreds of non-profit organizations, effectively leading initiatives with CEOs, senior executives, board directors, trustees, and philanthropists to attract hundreds of millions of dollars igniting organizational and community-wide change.

Recently, however, KL has launched Voices In Courage to help families of addicted loved ones. Her emerging community provides instrumental resources for individuals who need to heal, connect, and grow during some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Episode Highlights:

  • Generational addiction.
  • Events that pushed KL’s passion to help families deal with addiction.
  • The four things KL did to deal with the crisis.
  • Why knowing more about addiction matters for the families.
  • Getting clear about enabling to help rather than create further harm.
  • Learning to thrive by looking for success models.
  • “Voices in Courage”, a community for families dealing with addiction.

To contact KL Wells or learn more about “Voices in Courage”, go to:

Voices In Courage

recovery programs

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