In this Episode:

Do you have a loved one whose alcohol or another substance use has gotten out of control? Are they behaving in ways that are incongruent with their own values? In this week’s episode, we talk to Jim Ware, psychologist, therapist, and interventionist with 25+ years of experience in interventions.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

·       Why it’s important to treat the whole family.

·       What an intervention is.

·       Stages of an intervention.

·       How the person being confronted might respond.

·       Suggests dealing with an employee who may have a drug or alcohol use problem.

About Jim Ware:

Jim has over 25 years of experience in the field of behavioral health and addiction treatment working with treatment providers, employee assistance programs, physicians, hospitals, private practice therapists, and counselors to build sustainable positive relationships. He provides interventions as well as training and presentations to organizations, companies, and educators on issues related to addiction treatment and the recovery process.

Jim Ware Online:




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