In this Episode:

A few months ago, Vince and I had the opportunity to see hypnotist, Terry Stokes Jr. perform his comedy show for an audience of alcoholics. In his show, he works the message of recovery into an environment of laughter. In this episode, Terry talks with Vince and Jeanna about limiting beliefs and how they affect recovery.

Highlights in this Episode Include:
·        His motivation to perform his show as a community service for recovering alcoholics.
·        Unlocking the power of the subconscious mind and limiting beliefs.
·        The power of hypnosis and suggestion to affect internal programming.
·        Belief’s effect on behavior and ability.
·        Hypnosis as a tool for recovery.
·        Overcoming limiting beliefs.
·        Handling life-changing and stressful events.

About Terry Stokes:
With more than 25 years experience as a hypnotist and comedian, Terry Stokes brings his shows to comedy clubs, major casinos, corporate events, fairs, jails, and recovery programs across the nation. He specializes in hypnotism and meditation to change human behavior around health, smoking, negative thinking, fears, anxiety, and sports performance. Based out of Fort Walton Beach Florida, he has 7 years in recovery from alcohol.

Terry Stokes Jr. Online:

Terry Stokes Jr. on Facebook

Life Without Limits Website


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