In this episode:

Drugs, alcohol, food—any of these may be causing havoc in your life, but does that mean you’re addicted? If your life isn’t going the way you would like and you think an addiction may be the problem, listen along as Vince and Jeanna explore five signs that may identify you as an alcoholic and how those same five signs could also identify other potential addictions.

Highlights in this episode include:

·        Three types of drinkers.

·        Why how much you drink isn’t a good barometer for alcoholism.

·        Some typical alcoholic behaviors.

·        Five warning signs that you may be an alcoholic.

  1. Inability to stop or control your drinking.
  2. Drinking through health, family, and financial problems.
  3. Mood swings.
  4. Alcohol becomes a priority over responsibilities.
  5. Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy.

·        A comparison of a workaholic to these warning signs.

·        Addiction as a progressive disease.

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